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Picking Winners? - A Measure of Science

Shaun Hendy Aug 18, 2010

It seems to have become received wisdom recently that New Zealand must pick winners with its public science investment.  In this post, I argue that this is not new:  we picked our winners a long time ago, with a strong focus on agricultural and environmental sciences.  So what are the pros and cons … Read More

National bibliometric report released - A Measure of Science

Shaun Hendy Jul 05, 2010

MoRST has released its national bibliometric report covering papers published during the years 2002-7. The team from MoRST and the Royal Society that put the report together used the Scopus database.  The major findings include: • The rate and impact of New Zealand publications has increased during the period 2002-2007. This is especially so in the Tertiary Education … Read More

New Zealand’s productivity paradox: Part III - A Measure of Science

Shaun Hendy Mar 31, 2010

Let’s continue the discussion of Philip McCann’s paper, ’Economic geography, globalisation and New Zealand’s productivity paradox’, New Zealand Economic Papers, 43: 3, 279 – 314 (2009). In Part II, I looked in depth at the productivity paradox.  As McCann notes, the debate about New Zealand’s poor productivity performance often focuses on regulation, taxation and institutions.  However, McCann … Read More