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Telling people apart: new test reveals wide variation in how well we recognise faces - Guest Work

Guest Author Apr 19, 2016

By Gunter Loffler, Glasgow Caledonian University; Andrew J Logan, University of Bradford, and Gael Gordon, Glasgow Caledonian University It’s three o’clock and you are picking up your son from school. The bell rings. A class of six-year-olds charges out of the building. And you have absolutely no idea which child is your son. They … Read More

The inheritance of face recognition (should you blame your parents if you can't recognise faces?) - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Mar 03, 2010

You’d think that recognising faces is one of those things that we all do well, or at least the vast majority of us do, yet in practice our ability to do this varies. Recent twin studies present evidence that face recognition is heritable and is a distinct cognitive task in it’s own … Read More