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Paying the price to see “Super Scientists” - Wild Science

Helen Taylor Aug 09, 2017

Tickets for “rockstar” particle physicist Prof. Brian Cox’s Auckland show went on sale this week. With seats priced from $90 to $215, are big popular science shows fostering elitism? Super scientists, assemble! Jane Goodall and friends wow the crowds in Dunedin. Image credit: Otago Daily Times New Zealand has been blessed by visits from four big names in science … Read More

A learning system for science engagement: Part 1 - Curious and Curiouser

Victoria Metcalf Feb 05, 2016

Science engagement is currently a hot socio-political issue with extensive Government investment and interest. But it is not a new issue, and there is a lot that has been done in the past that we should be learning from and building on. A guest post by Dr Cathy Buntting, Senior Research Fellow, University Waikato. This is an educator’s perspective on the … Read More

How should New Zealand scientists engage with the public? - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jan 29, 2016

The Royal Society is inviting feedback on draft guidelines for researchers engage with the public. This work is part of A Nation of Curious Minds He Whenua Hihiri I Te Mahara; A National Strategic Plan for Science in Society. (PDF file) A series of consultation meetings are to be held through the country from … Read More

GMOs and legislation: useful suggestions for New Zealand in British report - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jun 22, 2015

Below is a condensed version of a report, featuring the portions I feel may be useful to New Zealand, followed by a selection of expert statements about this report. The legislation and public engagement issues for GM in this report strongly overlap with those in New Zealand. I offer this for those interested in the topic, but lack the … Read More