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Another anti-fluoridation whopper - Open Parachute

Ken Perrott Mar 31, 2017

We are all used to political activists fiddling statistics – but this has gone too far. Local anti-fluoride activists are so narcissistic they are now presenting their own clamouring as representing public opinion – even putting figures to it. I find this really offensive. As a Hamiltonian, I objected to the undemocratic put our council took in stopping fluoridation in 2013. Read More

Overheard in Christchurch - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 31, 2010

Not quite New York, but much more on topic. Nicky Wagner, National list member and Christchurch resident, suggested during question time following the ‘Blue Gold’ screening last Thursday that perhaps Canterbury should think about restricting the number of cows it houses. She also suggested that part of the delay in ECan’s consenting was due to the complexity of … Read More