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Quantum speed limit may put brakes on quantum computers - Guest Work

Guest Author Jan 15, 2018

Sebastian Deffner, University of Maryland, Baltimore County This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.  Over the past five decades, standard computer processors have gotten increasingly faster. In recent years, however, the limits to that technology have become clear: Chip components can only get so small, and be packed only … Read More

Quantum computing and New Zealand - Guest Work

Guest Author Sep 15, 2014

SciBlogs is running guest posts from some of the Eureka! Sir Paul Callaghan Awards 2014 finalists. In this guest post, Jack Wynne, from St. Patrick’s College Wellington explores the potential of quantum computing . In my presentation at the Sir Paul Callahan Eureka symposium I will discuss how advanced research into quantum mechanics could revolutionise New Zealand turning it into … Read More