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Eric Crampton on the sugar tax and Otago’s response - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Apr 06, 2018

Otago’s public health people, perhaps unsurprisingly, didn’t like NZIER’s take on sugar taxes. They’ve blogged on it here, but they seem to have missed a few important points. A Report commissioned by the Ministry of Health, written by NZIER, has recently been getting air-time as an argument against taxing sugary drinks.  However, the Report seems to us to be … Read More

Colours of the Quantum World - Micro to Macro

Ryan Ridden Jan 16, 2017

Colours are everywhere. The colours we see come from light with different wavelengths, but light isn’t the only thing physicists say have colour. In the quantum world the subatomic particles known as quarks have colour. As with everything quantum mechanical the colour of quarks isn’t what it may seem. Quarks can come in a variety of six colours, from red, … Read More

How big is an atom? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jan 08, 2014

I started back at work on Monday thinking that it would be a nice, peaceful day, with no-one else around on campus. Surely, on a beautiful, sunny, 6th January, the entire of Hamilton except for myself would be on the beach at Raglan. Wow, was I mistaken. The campus was buzzing with activity and there was a constant stream … Read More

Hawking radiation in the lab - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Oct 21, 2013

A highlight of the recent NZ Institute of Physics conference was the Dan Walls medal talk given by Matt Visser. Matt has been working on general relativity. That's not desparately unusual for a physicist, but Matt has been successful in working on some of the crazier aspects of relativity and getting it published - wormholes, dumb holes … Read More

Where in the world? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jul 09, 2013

First, sorry for the lack of activity. Simply put, there's been a lot going on. I've taken on the role of treasurer for the NZ Institute of Physics which has eaten up rather more time than I hoped for. I'll get into the swing of things soon though. &nb... Read More

Quantum mechanics: Reality is back - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Jun 14, 2013

With an exam imminent, I've had a queue of students outside my door wanting help with their quantum mechanics. This semester, they've come across the Schrodinger equation and the wavefunction for the first time and, unsurprisingly, some are struggling to grasp it. "But what IS the wavefunction?", they say. "How do you derive the Schrodinger equation?"Very good questions. While we … Read More

Is maths real? - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Mar 21, 2013

 A friend has just started a Bachelor of Arts degree here at Waikato. As part of her first year study, she's chosen to do a Philosophy paper. Apparently, one of the questions that has been posed, is "Is maths real?". Well, what is real? You certainly can't put 'maths' in a box and give it to someone. like you could with … Read More

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