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Benefits of student assignments - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Apr 02, 2012

I spent a large fraction of last week marking assignments. I'm currently teaching three different papers, and, due to a major lack of concentration on my part, I managed to set each class an assignment that was due on the same day. To be useful for students, assignments need to be marked rapidly, which meant I suddenly had a hundred … Read More

Quantum interference - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Mar 01, 2012

I've just put an order in for a new piece of lab equipment - an experimental set-up that will allow students to carry out the two-slit, one-photon experiment. This is one of the 'classic' experiments of quantum mechanics - showing just how strangly small things behave.Interference patterns are commonly observable when you have two sources of waves close to each … Read More

“Just So Science” – Nature Nanotech Knows - Just So Science

Elf Eldridge Jun 30, 2011

There’s been quite a bit of talk recently about the biological implications of quantum effects. For those not familiar with quantum phenomena, they describe a set of bizarre properties molecules and light exhibit at very small length scales or at very low temperatures. Things like quantum tunelling, coherence and entanglement which typically are seldom observed in our normal, human world – which … Read More

Quantum finance - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Sep 22, 2010

I would say I generally think captialism is a good idea, but after my experience on Tuesday night I am beginning to wonder. Does any of this sound familar?Ten years ago I bought a policy (call it policy 1) with financial organisation A. It was a ten-year one - paying out just a few days ago (Little did anyone predict a … Read More

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