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How Narcissistic are You? - Skepticon

Darcy Cowan Feb 17, 2011

Haven’t posted anything for a while, I’m wrapped up in the warm embrace of procrastination. Thought this was interesting though and an easy post. Take the online Narcissism test. Despite all evidence to the contrary I only scored a 4. If you score greater than 20 you probably have a mirror in your pocket right [...] … Read More

Book yourself in for a lunar eclipse (with quiz) - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jun 14, 2010

Following on from this morning’s space theme, a reminder for New Zealanders and Australians to pencil the late evening of June 26th into their diaries. For New Zealanders, the partial lunar eclipse will occur from approximately 10:30pm until 12:30am. The midpoint of the eclipse should be at 11:38pm. [caption id="attachment_2548" align="aligncenter" width="472" caption="(Source wikipedia.)"][/caption] … Read More