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Bag Ban: read the appendix - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Aug 13, 2018

The Ministry for the Environment’s consultation document on banning plastic bags is out. The key table, or at least the most interesting table, is in the appendix. It shows, from a Danish study, the number of times a reusable shopping bag would have to be reused to have less environmental impact than current disposable bags. Source: Ministry for … Read More

The future of plastics: reusing the bad and encouraging the good - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 03, 2017

By Kim Pickering, University of Waikato Plastics have got themselves a bad name, mainly for two reasons: most are made from petroleum and they end up as litter in the environment. We’re reposting this article from The Conversation as part of our Consuming Science series. However, both of these are quite avoidable. An increased focus on … Read More

Glass Mountain - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Aug 02, 2015

We always kept a sharp eye on the ditches when I was a kid riding in the back seat. Why? The glint of a beer bottle meant $0.10. Collect a dozen of them and you've got a $1.20. So Mom and Dad would have to keep a foot hovered over the brake just in cas... Read More

Reader mailbag: Dunedin plastic mountains edition - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Sep 04, 2013

In the inbox, from our Professor of Finance: Oh the irony - the 'sustainability' of recyclingRatepayers are going to be charged more to keep producing a 'good' that nobody apparently wants or needs! Now that's certainly a 'sustainable' policy… The ODT article forwarded me by the good Professor Glenn Boyle notes: As a stockpile of the city's plastic waste … Read More