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Revolution and realism required: UN report - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Jul 14, 2011

I’ve been looking at the The World Economic and Social Survey 2011: The Great Green Technological Transformation which Gareth drew attention to in his recent post.  It’s a long document prepared by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), not intended for casual consumption, and I haven’t read all 250 pages.  But the [...] … Read More

Merkel’s rush to renewables - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker May 12, 2011

I’ve become wary of politicians’ commitments to clean energy, having been disappointed by the rapidity with which the rhetoric of leaders like Obama or Rudd loses substance when the political going gets tough. But it was hard not to pay attention to a striking article in Yale Environment 360 this week in which Der Spiegel [...] … Read More

Alley’s documentary: upbeat and optimistic - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Apr 18, 2011

Richard Alley’s book Earth: The Operators’ Manual, which I reviewed recently, was written as a companion to a PBS documentary of the same name. The documentary has recently screened in the US and is now available for viewing here. The broad themes are the same as those of the book. They’re not complicated: taking our [...] … Read More

The Great Disruption - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Mar 29, 2011

Australian Paul Gilding straddles the NGO and corporate worlds. A former international head of Greenpeace, he subsequently moved into consultancy with global corporations and others on the transition to sustainability. Transition can sound a comfortingly gradual process, but that’s far from the case with the transition foreseen in his striking new book The Great Disruption: [...] … Read More

The Climate Show #7: Box and Boxsters — the cryosphere special - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Feb 17, 2011

Highlight of this week’s show is a fascinating — and sobering — interview with Greenland expert Professor Jason Box. His perspective on current events in the Arctic — from the dangers of permafrost methane, through rapid warming over Greenland and the potential impacts on sea level is essential listening and viewing. And he can surf, [...] … Read More

Just as the tide was flowing - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Feb 09, 2011

Two disparate news items in New Zealand newspapers highlight some of the problems facing any switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The first is the Environment Court’s welcome approval of Crest Energy’s application to sink 200 turbines to the sea bed of the Kaipara Harbour where the strong tidal flow will be used [...] … Read More

The Renewable Revolution - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Feb 06, 2011

The recommendations of Bill McKibben and Ross Gelbspan, among others, attracted me to Sajed Kamal’s book The Renewable Revolution, and its subtitle was an additional enticement: How we can Fight Climate Change, Prevent Energy Wars, Revitalise the Economy and Transition to a Sustainable Future. The book is on a smaller scale than its subtitle might [...] … Read More

The Four Pillars of the Third Industrial Revolution - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Jan 09, 2011

The latter chapters of Jeremy Rifkin’s new book ‘The Empathic Civilization’ (which I have summarised elsewhere) discusses how the many technological advances made possible by the Second Industrial Revolution and its oil based economy have made it possible for a nascent global consciousness to develop based on an extended empathy, not only for other members of our species but … Read More

Renewable Energy: The Facts - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Dec 14, 2010

Germany is a country which has attracted much attention for taking renewable energy technology seriously, not least because it has gained significant economic advantage in doing so. That lends interest to the publication of an English translation of the book, Renewable Energy: The Facts, by German writers Dieter Seifried and Walter Witzel. The authors write [...] … Read More

The politics of failure/the failure of politics - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Sep 22, 2010

As an example of contradictory thinking it would be hard to better Energy and Resources Minister Gerry Brownlee this week. He was announcing that oil and gas exploration in New Zealand is to get a substantial boost in government resources, including funding to further the possible exploitation of deep-sea methane hydrates. He made a plea [...] … Read More