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Solar - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Mar 23, 2010

Novelist Ian McEwan is fully aware of the dangers of climate change and concerned that renewable energy options be deployed with all possible urgency. His  memorable article in the Guardian in November 2008 makes that very clear. In 2005 he went with a group of artists and scientists to the Arctic to spend time on [...] … Read More

Green opportunities far outweigh the costs - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Mar 08, 2010

Fifth contribution to the Imagining 2020 series of essays comes from Phillip Mills, executive director of Les Mills International, who describes his vision for a low carbon future based on ‘clean technology’. Phillip, with a group of leading members of the NZ business community, has been urging the NZ government to work on cleantech/greentech initiatives. [...] … Read More

The power of the ocean - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Jan 20, 2010

The following column was published in the Waikato Times on 19 January Silent, invisible, predictable, sustainable. Those are the four words Crest Energy uses to describe its planned marine turbine power generation project in the Kaipara Harbour. Capturing the power of the tidal movement of the up to 8,000 million cubic metres of water which pass in [...] … Read More

Friedman: China beating US on low carbon energy - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Jan 13, 2010

Thomas Friedman is now doubtful that China will follow an American lead towards a greener economy, as he suggested in his book Hot, Flat and Crowded reviewed here. He considers rather that it is more likely to pull ahead of the US. He writes from China in his recent column in the New York Times [...] … Read More

Our Choice: Al’s plan to solve the climate crisis - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Nov 16, 2009

Al Gore hasn’t been resting on his laurels since An Inconvenient Truth. His substantial new book Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis has grown out of the more than 30 lengthy and intensive “Solution Summits” he has organised to enable leading experts from round the world to share their knowledge and experience in [...] … Read More

Wind, water and sun are all we need - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Oct 22, 2009

Wind, solar and water sources are sufficient to provide the world’s energy by 2030. Scientific American has a front cover article coming up in November to demonstrate that. Written by Mark Jacobson (left) and Mark Delucchi, it’s heartening information according to a Stanford University report. Turning away from combustion to electricity from renewable sources results [...] … Read More

Plan B (not from outer space) - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Oct 12, 2009

I hadn’t expected to be doing a Hot Topic review of Lester Brown’s book Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization, since he writes about a variety of sustainability issues. However the 90 pages or so he devotes to climate change were irresistible for their sensible optimism and I report them here. The Plan B books have [...] … Read More

Fab four: ways to meet the climate challenge - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Oct 08, 2009

Yet another pre-Copenhagen report has been released, this time  jointly from the influential Center for American Progress, the progressive think tank headed by John Podesta, President Clinton’s former chief of staff,  and the United Nations Foundation, the body founded with Ted Turner’s $1 billion gift in 1998 to support UN causes and activities. Meeting the [...] … Read More