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Containers for reproducible bioinformatics research - Genomics Aotearoa

Genomics Aotearoa Aug 12, 2020

By Aleksandra Pawlik, Ngoni Faya, Joseph Guhlin, Megan Guidry, Tom Harrop, Dinindu Senanayake Rapid development of computational bioinformatics tools mean we can more easily push research boundaries. However, it comes at a cost. The complexity of the software chain that needs to be installed and configured to run advanced workflows results in researchers spending hours, if not days, trying … Read More

We need to talk about the bad science being funded - Guest Work

Guest Author Jul 20, 2016

Simon Gandevia, Neuroscience Research Australia Spectacular failures to replicate key scientific findings have been documented of late, particularly in biology, psychology and medicine. A report on the issue, published in Nature this May, found that about 90% of some 1,576 researchers surveyed now believe there is a reproducibility crisis in science. While this rightly … Read More

Nature’s reproducibility effort: when to get data specialists on board - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Apr 27, 2013

Scientific magazine Nature has announced an initiative to aimed at aiding the reproducibility of biological research papers. They’re planning to expand the methods section to cater for this, introducing a checklist and offering a Protocol Exchange site. I’d like to draw attention to one point ArsTechnica’s coverage of this development noted that has wider … Read More

Reproducible research and computational biology - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jan 24, 2010

A concern raised, which I have some sympathies with, is how to make computational science reproducible. Modern science is largely grounded on the notion that findings can be repeated independently by others to verify them, or to extend them. In practice this can be easier said that done. You'd think that for computational sciences, like computational … Read More