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We are the picture that a child draws of a farm - Stick

Peter Kerr Dec 18, 2012

A child draws a picture of a farm. The sun is shining, the water is clean, the animals are happy. A question could be, ‘What is the name of that picture?’ Our farms, done correctly, are that picture. There’s a … Continue reading → … Read More

If we knew what we were inventing when we figured it out…..we would’ve named it - Stick

Peter Kerr Dec 11, 2012

The concept of rotational grazing has been around for so long now (but only about 60 years really) that we take it for granted. It is ‘just’ the way we do things at the on farm level, and there’s no … Continue reading → … Read More

What would responsible pastoralism mean? (A strategic ‘glue’) - Stick

Peter Kerr Nov 27, 2012

My contention is, by branding our method (pasture Harmonies) and taking that through on products to the consumer, NZ Inc would become the global custodians for responsible pastoralism. What would that mean? In one word, ‘glue’. I argue that as … Continue reading → … Read More

We all own our agricultural story…..that’s the problem - Stick

Peter Kerr Nov 20, 2012

This post also runs at pasture Harmonies. The trouble is; we all own New Zealand’s agricultural story. That is, the huge collective effort that went into figuring out, developing and improving the soil, pasture and plant/animal interaction that is our … Continue reading → … Read More

Our agriculture’s much more than the sum of its parts - Stick

Peter Kerr Nov 06, 2012

This post also appears at www.pastureharmonies.org Too much, arguably all the time, we look at all the individual components of our farm production systems……and beat ourselves up about them. We could use less fertiliser, our use of water isn’t that … Continue reading → … Read More

Standing for nothing does our agriculture a big non-favour - Stick

Peter Kerr Oct 09, 2012

This story also appears at www.pastureharmonies.org If you stand for nothing; does that mean anything is acceptable….or not? This is the dilemma for NZ Inc agriculture as AgResearch announces the recent success of ‘Daisy’ a cow genetically modified to produce … Continue reading → … Read More

Should we bother trying to get consumers closer to farmers? - Stick

Peter Kerr Oct 03, 2012

This post can also be seen at www.pastureharmonies.org It is often said that farmers need to get closer to consumers. And while it is possible, and some marketers have set up the facility to, for a bar code (or QR … Continue reading → … Read More

Farming’s unfashionable, but there’s a simple fix to make it sexy - Stick

Peter Kerr Mar 22, 2012

There are huge gains to be made in pastoral farming productivity if the average performers started doing what the top 25% do according to MAF in its Briefing to Incoming Ministers. That would increase exports by $3 billion a year, … Continue reading → … Read More