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Not just a pretty face: The facial ruff of barn owls and sound localisation - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Nov 19, 2009

Barn owls are the subject of many studies on auditory neuroscience because of their exquisite ability to localize sound. The auditory system is interesting from a neuronal computation point of view because the inner ear, where sounds are detected, relays no information to the brain as to the location of the sound source in space. [...] … Read More

How do birds sense the Earth’s magnetic field? - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Nov 03, 2009

If there is a physical property in the world that provides useful information, chances are that at least some animals will have evolved a sensory system to exploit it. The Earth’s magnetic field is no exception: it provides useful and reliable information to navigate the globe. There has been extensive research into whether and how [...] … Read More

Natural Health Expo(sed)? - Skepticon

Darcy Cowan Oct 15, 2009

Driving around Hamilton the past few weeks I couldn’t help but notice the signs sprinkled around the city for the “Natural Health Expo” which is to take place here this week end. As I perused the website for this event yesterday I was disturbed by the large number of anti-scientific “treatments” that will be showcased. [...] … Read More

What’s the worst that could happen? - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Oct 03, 2009

Greg Craven has been a YouTube phenomenon. Seven million people have viewed his short climate change video posted in 2007, The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See. It was followed up with a number of others. Now he’s produced a lively and engaging book What’s The Worst That Could Happen?  A Rational Response to the Climate [...] … Read More