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A new way to regulate surrogacy to give more certainty to all involved - Guest Work

Guest Author Sep 22, 2017

By Ruth Walker, University of Waikato and Liezl van Zyl, University of Waikato Starting a family through surrogacy is fraught with stresses and uncertainties. For heterosexual couples it is often the last resort after a history of disappointment and even tragedy. Gay couples remain subject to discrimination and stigma when it comes to planning a … Read More

Is Having Children a Right or a Responsibility? - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Jun 07, 2012

Over the past few weeks the Minister for Social Development and Youth Affairs, Paula Bennett, has provoked some controversy first by suggesting that free (voluntary) contraception be available to beneficiaries and their children, and then suggesting that children should be removed from previous child abusers. For a government that portrays itself as being opposed to the  “nanny state” I find … Read More