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Managing retreat: why New Zealand is drafting a new law to enable communities to move away from climate risks - The Changing Climate

Guest Author Apr 07, 2021

Catherine Iorns, Te Herenga Waka — Victoria University of Wellington The government’s recently announced overhaul of major environmental legislation will result in a new law focused solely on climate change adaptation. The 30-year-old Resource Management Act (RMA) was groundbreaking when it was passed in 1991 — the first in the world to be based on the concept of … Read More

RMA changes and council incentives - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Jan 27, 2015

Me in The Initiative's weekly newsletter:If councils are determined to commit absurdities, they’re going to do it regardless of fixes to the RMA. After whatever legislative tweaks are enacted, and new Environment Court rulings come through, it will take councils a little while to figure out how to restart the micromanagement that pushes up costs and helps make New … Read More

Gareth’s strawman - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Oct 10, 2014

Fun week.I posted over at Interest.co.nz about how reducing regulatory barriers to densification and to expansion in the suburbs could reduce housing costs and consequently improve child poverty outcomes, at least some of which are due to high housing costs.Gareth Morgan posts over at Gareth's World about how I'm kinda evil for being so pro-sprawl and wanting sprawl … Read More

After Housing Costs… - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Oct 02, 2014

I suggest, in this week's NZ Initiative column at interest.co.nz, that addressing housing affordability could be part of John Key's recently announced policy focus on child poverty. When housing costs take up over forty or fifty percent of many poor households' incomes, what's left for other needs?A teaser:When land supply, both expansion at the city fringes and land zoned for … Read More

Water governance in New Zealand: A conclusion - Waiology

Waiology Apr 08, 2013

By Daniel Collins When it comes to managing our freshwaters well, science can provide only part of the solution. It is important to appreciate how much water we have, what quality it is, and how our activities change these things – questions that only science can answer – but it is also important to appreciate what people want from … Read More

The evolution of freshwater management under the RMA - Waiology

Waiology Mar 28, 2013

By Nicola de Wit The enactment of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) combined around 70 pieces of legislation into one central environmental planning statute. The integration of a number of fragmented regimes was a significant step forward for environmental management in New Zealand. The RMA was also significant for its incorporation of the principle of sustainability; the … Read More

Evolution of water governance models in New Zealand - Waiology

Waiology Mar 27, 2013

By Bryan Jenkins In her work that won her the 2009 Nobel Prize in economics, Elinor Ostrom identified three types of governance models for common pool resources like water. One is the “Leviathan model” where there is direct government provision of services with integration of policy making and operational functions. The second is the “privatisation model” where … Read More

Water governance and the RMA - Waiology

Waiology Mar 13, 2013

By Steve Couper Deteriorating water quality is consistently rated by many New Zealanders as being their number one environmental concern. Their concern is well placed. Some of our lowland waterways are now so badly polluted that the ‘clean green’ brand we promote is being actively challenged. The evidence for declining environmental health in these waterways is strong. Monitoring 77 … Read More

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