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How fast shall we drive over the cliff? NZ’s ETS watered down (again) - Hot Topic

Mr February Sep 04, 2012

Simon Johnson looks at the Government’s amendments to the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme and concludes we are arguing about what gear to drive in as we speed towards the cliff. The Government has kindly given us the opportunity to make a submission about how fast fast we should go over the emissions cliff. Time [...] … Read More

Moon-walking with due legal process to a very hot place – Neil Armstrong, coal mining & global warming - Hot Topic

Mr February Aug 30, 2012

On the same day as the death of Neil Armstrong, the first astronaut to step onto the Moon, became public, the NZ High Court moonwalked its way to an off-the-world moment. It decided that greenhouse gas emissions and global warming are off-limits in the planning for an open cast coal mine. That’s as just as [...] … Read More

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