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Garnaut: no reticence on risk - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Mar 14, 2011

I appreciated the candidness with which economist Ross Garnaut introduced and concluded his recently released update on the science of climate change, one of a series of updates to his 2008 Review which have been commissioned by the Australian government. In the introduction he explains how he began his original Review with no strong views and [...] … Read More

Bob Carter: innumerate and irrational? - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Mar 11, 2011

Bob Carter, in Shhsshh … don’t talk about the science, Quadrant Online, Feb 28 2011: So what about the famous global warming which occurred in the late 20th century, whatever happened to that? Well, not only did the gentle warming terminate in 1998, but in accord with natural climate cycling that warming has been followed [...] … Read More

Garnaut update on climate science: avoiding high risks will require large changes - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden Mar 10, 2011

Ross Garnaut, the Australian government’s climate change adviser, today published the science update [PDF] to his 2008 report. It warns that recent research has “confirmed and strengthened” the view that the earth is warming and humanity is to blame. Temperatures and sea level continue to rise, and there are worrying signs that a 2ºC target [...] … Read More