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Science and environmental conflicts e.g., 1080 poison - Politecol

- Wayne Linklater Dec 01, 2018

The responses to my recent article reveal that some in the conservation community, including scientists, policy-makers and managers, are having difficulty understanding the difference between facts and values. They appear also to be having trouble understanding how the distinction is an important guide to scientists when they advocate publicly for one side of an environmental conflict, like that currently … Read More

The origin of a false claim: projecting demons - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Oct 24, 2018

Seeing the origin of a false claim from its very beginning gives insight into where they come from. Contentious topics have many claims online, many completely untrue. Knowing how false claims arise might help us resolve them. It’s also a reminder if you see a claim, especially an emotive one, it pays to check first. Here’s one from people projecting … Read More

Seralini herbicides and adjuvants - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Feb 22, 2015

Gilles-Éric Séralini is best known for a research paper testing rats on GM feed and Roundup that was widely panned by the scientific community and eventually retracted.[1] He has also tried to argue that it is other factors in Roundup (adjuvants) that causes toxicity, not the active ingredient glyphosate and that this calls for regulatory changes. Read More

Séralini GMO maize and Roundup study republished with no scientific peer review - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jun 26, 2014

One of my questions in my previous article on Séralini’s widely criticised study being republished appears to have been answered. In my previous article, I wrote “I am a little curious about how the review process accepted the paper”, wondering how they dealt with the criticisms levelled at the paper after it’s original publication. Scientific journal … Read More

Controversial Seralini paper retracted - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Nov 29, 2013

He caused an uproar in science last year when he published a paper suggesting genetically modified maize and the RoundUp herbicide caused tumours in rats he used in his experiments. Now Gilles Seralini and colleagues have seen their paper in Food and Chemical Toxicology retracted  by publisher Elsevier because of concerns over the “number of animals in each study … Read More