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How your garden could help stop your city flooding - Guest Work

Guest Author May 11, 2016

By Alessandro Ossola, University of Melbourne and Matthew Burns, University of Melbourne Urban flooding represents the most common yet severe environmental threat to cities and towns worldwide. Future changes in rainfall extremes are likely to increase this threat, even in areas that could become drier. The urbanisation process itself is one of the major … Read More

Tussocks – a fundamental component of New Zealand’s water cycle - Waiology

Waiology Oct 20, 2014

By Alice Trevelyan, Sarah Mager and Peter Wilson The significance of fog deposition to increased water yield has been contested for many years, especially across the Otago region. Determining the importance of the role of tussock grasslands in the hydrological system is becoming increasingly important, especially over the summer periods when the demand for water for irrigation, recreation and domestic … Read More

Predicting river flows in ungauged catchments, from New Zealand to the world - Waiology

Waiology Jul 13, 2012

By Ross Woods Our knowledge of the water cycle is imperfect – for example we don’t have data for all rivers across the landscape, and yet so often we want river flow information for resource and hazard management purposes. In the absence of direct data, then, we turn to models and seek to make hydrological predictions in these ungauged … Read More