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How we relate – What is meaningful engagement? - Ice Doctor

Victoria Metcalf Oct 13, 2016

In a post-normal science world how we engage is fundamentally important. Next Tuesday Twitter users will have the opportunity to discuss meaningful engagement in a combined #scicommnz #scichatnz chat. SciCommNZ chats, using the hashtag #scicommnz, are where a community of scientists, science communicators and science educators meet on Twitter once a month. The chat aim is to … Read More

What defines a science communicator? #SciCommNZ - Guest Work

Guest Author May 08, 2015

#SciCommNZ are a diverse community of science communicators who meet on Twitter to discuss how science is being communicated in NZ & beyond. Join the discussion on the second Wednesday of every month! www.scicomm.nz #SciCommNZ chats launched into the Twittersphere on March 11th 2015 with the intriguing and challenging topic of “What defines a science communicator?” There was plenty … Read More