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A random bioinformatics career walk … and how Genomics Aotearoa is helping researchers be a little less scared of the “command line” - Genomics Aotearoa

Genomics Aotearoa Jan 30, 2019

Dr Alana Alexander A “random walk” is a mathsy term for a path strung together with a bunch of random steps (not unlike trying to walk my stubborn St. Bernard cross on a leash). Despite being a bioinformatician (which folks often think means “also a maths wiz”), my maths is (unfortunately) not great. Therefore, I mention random walks not because … Read More

Does success in science correlate with an acceptance of uncertainty? - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Nov 17, 2013

One of the challenges with science communication is communicating uncertainty, something that is at the core of science but which produces some confusion and frustration for the wider public who prefer definitive answers to life’s questions. However, this morning as I read the book “Cells to Civilizations – the principles of change that shape life” by Enrico Coen, it occurred … Read More

Structured Procrastination, 17-Jan-2013 (Science should end, etc.) - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jan 18, 2013

(A handful of stories for readers to try.) Science should end. In a follow-on from #overlyhonestmethods (overly honest methods), there is Scientists conclude: ‘No further research is needed’. Teaser: ‘A new paper published in Science has concluded that no further research is needed. The announcement, made in the discussion section of the paper, comes as shock … Read More

One reason for low private sector investment in research and development - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Dec 17, 2012

… is a lack of scientists running companies - ? This thought was offered by Peter Hodgson, a former Minister of Science and Technology to New Zealand in a speech to graduates at the University of Otago: In Germany, Japan and Scandinavia, scientists ran companies and their science influenced management decisions. ''In New Zealand, those … Read More

Sitting in Glass Houses - Genomics Aotearoa

Peter Dearden Mar 25, 2011

Sitting in Glass Houses; drinking tea and planning World Domination (aka Thesis Completion). by SM Morgan. I am at that stage of the PhD. Contemplating completion and what the heck comes after. There is always talk about the glass ceiling still present in industry for women and the issues surrounding women and science, especially during post-doctoral positions. ( … Read More

The Career Session, Part III - Genomics Aotearoa

Peter Dearden Sep 23, 2010

The Career Session, Part III. — SM Morgan Guest speakers: Julia Horsfield and Peter Dearden. — Thus follows the final round up of all the wisdom and advice given at the ‘career path’ Genetics Otago postgrad monthly colloquium. Last time we left at the most current point of Peter Dearden’s career path, and a discussion of academic job applications. Read More

The Career Session, Part II - Genomics Aotearoa

Peter Dearden Sep 22, 2010

The Career Session, Part II. — SM Morgan Guest speakers: Julia Horsfield and Peter Dearden. — Associate Professor Peter Dearden, Principal Investigator of the Lab for Evolution & Development and Director of Genetics Otago was our second guest speaker for the ‘career path’ discussion at the Genetics Otago postgrad colloquia meeting in August; on a side note — … Read More

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