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Remembering Stephen Hawking - Guest Work

Guest Author Mar 15, 2018

by Jean Balchin Yesterday I was incredibly saddened to hear about the passing of world-renowned cosmologist and pioneer in theoretical physics, Stephen Hawking. Here are a collection of tributes to the great man.  Professor David Wiltshire, Theoretical Physicist, University of Canterbury, comments: Stephen Hawking. Wikimedia Commons. “Stephen was the most courageous person I have known. He had … Read More

Book review – Science and the City - Scibooks

Guest Author Nov 22, 2017

Reviewed by Susan Rapley.  If you’re hunting for Christmas gifts for the scientific or technically inclined, Laurie Winkless’ first book Science and the City will be a must-have. Science and the City takes you on a journey (in various forms of transport) through the past, present, and future of metropolitan living.  Now New Zealand-based, Winkless has taken her own … Read More

Cat zero and reading for those who like science in fiction to be real - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Nov 07, 2017

A quick introduction to Cat Zero and lablit. Some of us like the science in our fiction to be real. Don’t get me wrong. I can take a premise to buy into a story, even real doozies (well, up to a point…!)[1] But once I’ve done the deal with the author to buy into their plot, I prefer the science … Read More

Deborah Blum's creative science writing - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Aug 08, 2013

if you have read The Poisoner’s Handbook, or any of Professor Deborah Blum‘s science features, you’ve probably marveled at how she spins a gripping story woven through with well laid-out scientific concepts.  Professor Deborah Blum Take, for instance, her Slate feature about the US Government’s little-known Prohibition-era bid to stop people drinking – poisoning the industrial alcohol … Read More

When science writing is King - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Jul 09, 2012

If you are a blogger writer or science communicator, you should seriously consider checking out the upcoming Writing Science event being held at the Michael King Writers’ Centre in Auckland in October. I’ll be there and the programme looks pretty impressive. What’s the workshop about? The following quote from the workshop promotional material pretty much sums it up: “..There is increasing … Read More

Popularising science – a word from the experts - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 15, 2010

By Professor Lloyd Davis The University of Otago established the Centre for Science Communication in 2008 and with it New Zealand’s first dedicated degree in science communication: the Master of Science Communication (MSciComm). Lloyd Davis The MSciComm comes in three distinct flavours — and while many are familiar with the Science and Natural History Filmmaking endorsement, … Read More