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Antarctic voyage: Mud, mud, glorious mud - Field Work

Guest Author Feb 28, 2013

Date: 27/2/2013 Location: 66.5914˚S, 148.064901˚E Weather: 10 knots and clear Sea state: Calm …Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood. Especially when the air temperature is below freezing. Multibeam data for canyons. [Helen Bostock; data supplied by Alix Post,Geoscience Australia]We have successfully collected a couple of cores from the Antarctic slope in between some … Read More

Antarctic Voyage: Could the past be the key to the present? - Field Work

Guest Author Feb 25, 2013

Written by Molly Paterson (PhD student, Antarctic Research Centre, VUW). Date:21/2/2013 Location: 65.17903°S, 141.413812°E Weather: Cloudy with winds up to 30 knots Sea state: 3-4 m swell Molly logging a sediment core. [Helen Bostock]Over the last week, while the oceanographers have been studying the hydrology of the slope, the geologists have recovered two cores. We … Read More