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Applying insights from the humanities and social sciences to help refine the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence - Guest Work

Guest Author Oct 24, 2018

Dr Douglas Van Belle As both a science fiction author and an academic who studies the role science fiction plays as a bridge between science and society, I admit I have more than a passing interest in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life, or SETI. Still, it was something of a surprise when the short paragraph I was writing … Read More

No sign of alien life ‘so far’ on the mystery visitor from space, but we’re still looking - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 19, 2017

Ray Norris, Western Sydney University The mystery object discovered earlier this year travelling through our Solar system is showing no signs of any alien life, despite plenty of efforts to look and listen for a signal. Perhaps it’s ironic that the object should arrive in a year when we celebrated the 100th anniversary (on December 16) of … Read More

If we ever came across aliens, would we be able to understand them? - Guest Work

Guest Author Jul 29, 2016

James Carney, Lancaster University Many scientists believe that alien civilisations exist. For them, the question is now whether we will encounter them in the near future or a very long time from now, rather than if at all. So let’s imagine that we suddenly stand face-to-face with members of an alien species. What would we do … Read More

Saturn’s moons may be younger than the dinosaurs – so could life really exist there? - Guest Work

Guest Author Mar 30, 2016

David Rothery, The Open University Saturn is home to more than 60 moons – from the massive Titan and the crater-riddled Phoebe, to Enceladus with its geysers. Enceladus in particular has been put forward as a good candidate for harbouring microbial life, thanks to its warm internal ocean. After all, if intelligent life … Read More

Could life on an exoplanet spread to its neighbour? - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 04, 2015

David Rothery, The Open University Imagine two nearby exoplanets orbiting the same sun, each with its own indigenous civilisation. They’re going through history either as companionable neighbours or deadly rivals. This is a familiar situation in science fiction, but could it ever happen? With the rapidly growing number of habitable exoplanets being discovered, this scenario may seem … Read More

Institutional blogs added to scienceblogs - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jun 23, 2010

Our US-based counterpart, Scienceblogs, has added three institutional blogs: The Brookhaven National Laboratory The Weizmann Institute The SETI Institute All three are very well-known institutes that will have plenty of interesting stories to tell. The introductory posts for the first two are up. My initial knee-jerk reaction to the … Read More

What would we do when the aliens land? - misc.ience

Aimee Whitcroft Jan 27, 2010

According to Nature, we’d be in trouble… I love it when serious publications take a walk into the slightly more whimsical.  Let me clear, here – I firmly believe that there is intelligent life out there.  I also firmly believe the hallmarks of their intelligence are that they haven’t contacted us (in … Read More