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A woman’s touch: Where are the evolutionary studies of female animals? – Suffrage 125 - Suffrage 125

Guest Author Sep 19, 2018

Dr Leilani Walker Back in 2015 I attended a talk by Lloyd Spencer Davis who was promoting his new book Professor Penguin: Discovery and Adventure With Penguins. One of the stories he told was that of biologist George Murray Levick, medical officer on Captain Scott’s ill-fated Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole in 1910. As a consequence … Read More

Why frills put female dinosaurs in the mood for love - Guest Work

Guest Author Jan 19, 2016

Rob Knell, Queen Mary University of London Part of dinosaurs’ popularity has to be their fascinating, bizarre appearance. There’s the Stegosaurus with the famous row of plates down its back, the Triceratops with its giant frilled skull, and the “duck-billed” hadrosaurs with their peculiar and diverse array of crests. Palaeontologists have been trying to decipher the function … Read More