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Crazy science letter of the week part 13 - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Sep 02, 2010

Gallileo is invoked in this attack on the Skeptics Society with Scott Sharpe suggesting it is conventional medicine not alternative medicine that needs quackbusting… Source: Sunday Star Times Aug 22 And sometimes Sciblogs contributor Dr Michael Edmonds’ response in last weekend’s Sunday Star Times… source: Sunday Star Times Aug 29 … Read More

Skeptics hammer 1080 documentary - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Sep 28, 2009

The Skeptics Society conference held in Wellington over the weekend was a fascinating affair that left me pleasantly surprised. I had feared a series of slightly smug, self-serving lectures lambasting religion and anything else not explained conclusively by scientific fact. What I experienced was a room full of incredibly intelligent and open-minded people discussing some of the big … Read More