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FTTH – RF or no RF? A big question. - Light My Fibre

John Nixon May 30, 2012

I have been vaunting the merits of RF Overlay over FTTH (Fibre to the Home) for a long time. Yes I confirm that one of my clients is a leading researcher, manufacturer and vendor of 1550 nm RF solutions. In working with them, I have become convinced that delivering broadcast TV over fibre is an excellent, reliable and inexpensive option. Read More

NASA and the Speed of Light - Light My Fibre

John Nixon Sep 27, 2011

NASA moves from Radio to Laser Light for data transmission. We have often heard the argument that FTTH is really not needed now that G3 and G4 wireless technology is available. I’m sure I’ve mentioned previously that any radio (wireless) data transmission system will NEVER HAVE the bandwidth of a fibre network. The reason is simple. The amount of information … Read More

Back in the FTTH saddle! - Light My Fibre

John Nixon May 23, 2011

I apologise to my readers for my absence of several weeks. Landing in hospital for major surgery isn’t much fun, but it is great to be back at work again. Here are a few fibre-related items that I hope you find interesting: PON Manufacturers finding it Tough Some five years ago I completed a one week  engineering course with Alloptic … Read More

What's the future of TV in New Zealand? - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Dec 01, 2010

The Government has kicked off a $13 million marketing campaign to encourage the 29 per cent of the country’s households still watching analogue TV to switch to digital services ahead of the planned shutdown of analogue transmissions in November 2013. Newspaper ad for Going Digital campaign For most of us, digital TV is taken for … Read More

Auckland – Huawei Broadband Summit 2010 - Light My Fibre

John Nixon Sep 17, 2010

I attended the Huawei Broadband Summit at Auckland Hilton Hotel today. To say it was impressive is a huge understatement. I never really took Huawei (at least here in New Zealand) seriously until now. New Zealand was one of the first countries to sign a Free Trade Agreement with China not so … Read More

Visiting the satellites - Light My Fibre

John Nixon Jan 02, 2010

Greetings from New Caledonia and a very Happy New Year to all our friends and readers. I thought that many of you would be interested to see a pictorial visit to the Verizon (USA) ’Super Headend’ where all the hundreds of television channels are brought together and dispatched out to their nearly 1 million Fios (FTTH) subscribers across … Read More

IPTV Trials by TelstraClear in New Zealand - Light My Fibre

John Nixon Nov 30, 2009

This morning TelstraClear announced that it had completed trials of an IPTV system they hope to offer to their broadband subscribers throughout New Zealand. This of course is on the back of the Government’s plans for a National Ultra-fast Fibre Optic network. If the IPTV service is enabled, I just wonder what TelstraClear will offer in the way of … Read More