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Sitting in Glass Houses - Genomics Aotearoa

Peter Dearden Mar 25, 2011

Sitting in Glass Houses; drinking tea and planning World Domination (aka Thesis Completion). by SM Morgan. I am at that stage of the PhD. Contemplating completion and what the heck comes after. There is always talk about the glass ceiling still present in industry for women and the issues surrounding women and science, especially during post-doctoral positions. ( … Read More

Phishing Flowers - Genomics Aotearoa

Peter Dearden Dec 02, 2010

SM Morgan It is surprising how often technology mimics nature, and in the most subtle of ways. Take for example the phenomenon of email phishing — a probe is sent out to entice the recipient with something they want/need; for example, a MillionDollars!, an OnlineEasyDoctorate! or a ready supply of CheapDrugs! Once enticed, the source gets something it needs … Read More

Breaking flies - Genomics Aotearoa

Peter Dearden Oct 08, 2010

SM Morgan I am at the point in my PhD studies where I am ordering pre-made mutant lines of flies from the US to test out some of the results I found early in my research. It is amazing that we can do this — and for so remarkably little expense. There are vast warehouses in the States and … Read More

“Why do you have all these weird toys?” - Genomics Aotearoa

Peter Dearden Sep 28, 2010

SM Morgan, Lab for Evolution & Development. The student write-up room (post grad/student office) for our lab is decorated with lovely pieces of random detritus collected from various conferences and meetings across the world. I don’t usually notice it — but we do have quite a range of…well, crap. This week, an innocent wee lass asked us why … Read More

The Career Session, Part III - Genomics Aotearoa

Peter Dearden Sep 23, 2010

The Career Session, Part III. — SM Morgan Guest speakers: Julia Horsfield and Peter Dearden. — Thus follows the final round up of all the wisdom and advice given at the ‘career path’ Genetics Otago postgrad monthly colloquium. Last time we left at the most current point of Peter Dearden’s career path, and a discussion of academic job applications. Read More

The Career Session, Part II - Genomics Aotearoa

Peter Dearden Sep 22, 2010

The Career Session, Part II. — SM Morgan Guest speakers: Julia Horsfield and Peter Dearden. — Associate Professor Peter Dearden, Principal Investigator of the Lab for Evolution & Development and Director of Genetics Otago was our second guest speaker for the ‘career path’ discussion at the Genetics Otago postgrad colloquia meeting in August; on a side note — … Read More

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