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A Science Manifesto or too little too late? - NZ Science Talk

Kevin Apr 22, 2008

The Science manifesto is an interesting read. Despite my cynicism when it turned up in my inbox I believe that every scientist every New Zealander should read it. It is apsirational rather than inspirational though. As the last paragraph sums up, the document outlines the problems but offers very little in the way of solutions: [...] … Read More

Is the squeaky NZ science wheel finally going to get a bit of oil? - NZ Science Talk

Kevin Apr 22, 2008

Jeff Talon has written to signatories of the letter asking that the Marsden fund attaching the National Science Panel’s Science Manifesto. This is fantastic and I thank Jeff very much for this. His email is reporduced below, I am assuming he will not mind getting it out to as wide an audience as possible.   [...] … Read More

Open Letter to Science Minister Requests Tripling of Marsden Fund Another Update - NZ Science Talk

Kevin Mar 07, 2008

Here is an update mailed to signatories by Jeff Talon. Please contact him if you wish to be involved. “I know most of you signed up to the letter last October/November and you probably have wondered since what has happened with this. I felt that it would have got lost over the Summer/Christmas hiatus so [...] … Read More

Open Letter to the Science Minister Requests a Tripling of Marsden Fund — Update - NZ Science Talk

Kevin Mar 07, 2008

This is good news!  Craig Borley, a science reporter at The New Zealand Herald, has been looking at the effects of New Zealand’s low “blue skies” research funding on our science community and economy. He now wants to know of any researchers who have moved offshore as a result of New Zealand’s low funding and [...] … Read More

High level support for Australia’s knowledge economy - NZ Science Talk

Kevin Dec 27, 2007

The Licensing Executive Society of Australia and New Zealand considers the Rudd Government’s focus on innovation is a vote for Australia’s economic development. Perhaps the New Zealand members are hoping for a trickle down effect since our goverenment has given up on the idea after it discovered the TEC was an easier way to hide unemployment than knowledge [...] … Read More