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Canada’s emerging technologies metascan - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Apr 09, 2014

The Canadian Government’s just released a report on emerging technologies. It looks out over the next 15 years and focuses on digital technologies, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies and neuroscience technologies, which they consider have the potential for disruptive rather than incremental innovation. As you’d expect they consider biological enhancements, nanofactories, robots, wired-up everything. There are no major surprises in their findings. Some … Read More

Now for the Long Term - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Oct 21, 2013

The Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations have just released a report – Now for the Long Term.  In addition to laying out the megatrends and challenges facing the world, they also propose some solutions.     The report does a generally good job in setting out concisely some of the  “megatrends” (ie long … Read More

Future Flash – McLab Burgers introduces Hyperloop intercity delivery system - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Aug 13, 2013

Personal jetpacks appear closer to hand, (sub)space tourism is heading to the launch pad, and Hyperloop travel is, possibly, on the drawing board. Is this, at last, the future some of us may have dreamed of? Not quite. Most of us won’t be able to afford these for some time. And given Wellington folk … Read More

A looming global cyber security crisis? - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Jun 19, 2013

Is our cyber future going to be the playground of spies and hoods? Is it already a mash-up of Big Brother and the Sopranos? And how much does it matter? The recent national and international revelations about electronic surveillance  (not to mention large scale accidental privacy breaches by some government agencies) are alarming to many. More so probably … Read More

Social Entrepreneurs - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Apr 29, 2013

Is social entrepreneurship a liberal feel good sop, cynical stealth marketing by big corporations, a bit of both, or something else entirely? Is it a fad, or something more durable? Firstly, what is a social entrepreneur? Ashoka, the largest network of social entrepreneurs, defines them as …  individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. They … Read More

Intergenerational equity - Ariadne

Robert Hickson Apr 16, 2013

Last week I went to demographer Paul Spoonley’s informative lecture at the Treasury about migration. He started off by noting a conversation he had with his son, where the latter proclaimed that “the baby boomer generation is constructing a future that will leave problems for subsequent generations”. Paul didn’t directly respond to this question in his lecture, but I got … Read More

The Case of the Vanishing Elf - Just So Science

Elf Eldridge Feb 05, 2013

It really has been far too long since my last post, but thanks to some prodding from the local Sciblogs community (God bless them!) I’ll try and summarise why Just So Science has been so quiet since last year. And I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been putting my nose to the grindstone and focussing on my PhD … Read More

‘Science & Society’ Bullshit Bingo - Infectious Thoughts

Siouxsie Wiles Jan 19, 2013

Yesterday I posted a proposed ‘science bingo’ card with phrases that seemed to often come up in the few talks I’ve been to about science’s role in society. Thanks to Grant, Steven and David for their suggestions which I have now incorporated into four different cards (which are a little NZ-centric, sorry). I’ve renamed the game ‘Science & … Read More