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The Equation of Time - Out of Space

Duncan Steel Jul 14, 2019

[avatar user=”duncansteel” size=”thumbnail” align=”right” /] The solstice on June 22nd marked the shortest duration of sunlight (or day length) during this year. One might have expected that from that date sunrise would have started getting earlier; and prior to that date sunset to have been consistently getting earlier (as the daylight duration was shortening). In fact the latest sunrise did … Read More

And so this is Christmas… - Out of Space

Duncan Steel Dec 19, 2018

[avatar user=”duncansteel” size=”thumbnail” align=”right” /] The date of Christmas is a matter many find confusing, and yet the adopted anniversary is easy to understand if you follow through the history, astronomy and human biology that are involved.  Why is the Nativity commemorated on December 25th, when it is clear Jesus was not actually born on that date? And how can … Read More

Happy (late) solstice - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Dec 23, 2009

Done those Christmas things? We're all late. The solstice was on the 21st. Ha! Got you worried? Some of you will have noticed that my blog posts have been a little erratic lately. I do a lot of research for many of my articles. Yup, I check those facts I toss at … Read More