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Antarctic voyage: the Mertz Polynya - Field Work

Guest Author Jan 31, 2013

Ever wondered what it is really like to be working on a ship off Antarctica? Dr Helen Bostock, marine geologist at NIWA, writes: On the 2nd February I will be part of a team of 22 Australian, French and New Zealand, scientists departing Wellington on board NIWA’s R.V. Tangaroa. The science team is made up of oceanographers and … Read More

Reflecting on wildlife rehabilitation II - Politecol

- Wayne Linklater Dec 20, 2012

– did Happy-feet’s visit increase support for conservation? You are sick, tired, and thousands of miles from home. Swimming, you pull up yourself up on a beach for a rest. Within hours you are surrounding by hairless primates who stare and take photographs. Within days you … Read More

Climate change and the acidifying, freshening, warming Southern Ocean - Guest Work

Guest Author Nov 30, 2011

by Matthew Thompson, editor – The Conversation The distinctive, planet-encircling flows of the Southern Ocean have played a role in moderating global warming, but change is at hand with the water heating up, getting less salty, storing more carbon, and growing more acidic. The Southern Ocean, as photographed during the Thomas G Thompson Southern Ocean Expedition. These … Read More

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