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Science Tank | Cold Readers: The First Circle of Hell - Guest Work

Guest Author Jan 09, 2018

It was 2010 and my father had passed away earlier that year. My usual logic blinded by grief, I did what any standard mourner would do and booked an appointment to see a medium. Walking into her home-cum-spiritual lair, I immediately noticed the tacky abundance of quartz crystals (when will people understand that tectosilicates do not have magical powers, … Read More

Health and the Mind/Body Connection - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Sep 03, 2011

The August 27th edition of New Scientist has an interesting article entitled “Heal Thyself” (pg 33-36) where Jo Marchant examines some of the health benefits which are emerging from a better understanding of the mind/body connection. The idea that the mind can influence the body and vice versa is not a new one, but it is one that many health … Read More