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Gluckman tells Auckland to get cracking - Stick

Peter Kerr Jan 17, 2012

In giving a push/shove as Auckland as an innovation or knowledge city, chief science advisor Sir Peter Gluckman reckons the country could expect area like industrial design and digital and media research to have a high presence. In his ‘Auckland … Continue reading → … Read More

Ahoy me hearties; an offshore way around America’s green card requirements? - Stick

Peter Kerr Dec 15, 2011

Partly because they were cheeky enough to ask, and partly because it is such a wild idea, here’s a plug for would-be entrepreneurial pirates. Along similar lines to Radio Hauraki, way back in the 1960s beating the then broadcasting laws … Continue reading → … Read More

Bright Ideas Challenge feels like it’s already permanent - Stick

Peter Kerr Nov 10, 2011

Perhaps the best thing coming out of what is only the second Bright Ideas Challenge just completed by Grow Wellington is the sense of permanence it already has. It feels like it is going to hang around. The publicity (and … Continue reading → … Read More

Where there’s a wool there’s a way F212 presumes - Stick

Peter Kerr Oct 18, 2011

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the four new product ideas for use of coarse New Zealand wool that Fahrenheit 212 has come up with is that, as such, the core ideas aren’t new. F212 (see earlier blog here about … Continue reading → … Read More

Nice irony to showcasing Wellington businesses in the Beehive - Stick

Peter Kerr Sep 15, 2011

Having a showcase of cool Wellington businesses in the Beehive is a nicely ironic way to demonstrate the capital is about more than politics. Quite who Wellington City Council Business Innovation Growth (BIG) launch yesterday is meant to appeal to … Continue reading → … Read More

Nano tech fabricated into new use - Stick

Peter Kerr Aug 02, 2011

Nano technology’s been touted as the next big thing…..for quite a while now when you think about it. But so far there’s been precious little product that found its way into everyday use; not counting cosmetic products with nano particles … Continue reading → … Read More