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How has our population grown? - The Dismal Science

Michael Reddell May 31, 2016

New Zealand’s population is estimated to have risen by 11.8 per cent in the last decade (much of it in the last three years). The starting point for that estimate is reasonably well-anchored: I used the population numbers for the March quarter of 2006, and the 2006 Census happened in that month. The end-point (March 2016) is only a Statistics … Read More

Gender Identity Stats - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Jul 17, 2015

Statistics New Zealand looks to be first in the world to start collecting statistics on individuals' gender identity. And they're taking an eminently sensible approach to it. If you only asked people with which gender they identified, you would mess up a pile of clinical applications where a standard diagnostic flowchart will depend on biological sex. You don't suspect prostate … Read More

Always extend the data series - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Nov 22, 2012

The New Zealand Drug Foundation's submission on alcohol reform legislation included this factoid on total alcohol consumption. Myth: Alcohol consumption has remained the same despite liberalisation of our liquor laws. Fact: Total alcohol consumption has increased over the past decade. Total alcohol available for consumption (calculated from production, imports and exports) increased by 9.4% between … Read More

New Zealand internet usage is on the up! - misc.ience

Aimee Whitcroft Oct 14, 2011

Internet usage in New Zealand is, not surprisingly, on the increase 🙂 Apparently, we’re choosing easier access to the internet, more data and faster access.  Huzzah! Statistics New Zealand has released the results of the 2011 Internet Service Provider Survey, saying the following: A greater number of subscribers had access to faster upload speeds in 2011. The proportion of … Read More

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