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The Status of Status Games - The Dismal Science

Eric Crampton Dec 26, 2014

I don't worry too much about notions that consumption is driven by status-seeking. Not because it isn't - it would be surprising if at least some consumption weren't status-driven. Rather, because status-seeking affects just about everything, from consumption to not consuming to leisure to exercise and more. The richest entrepreneurs got that way by coming up with new goods and services … Read More

TOSP Episode 19: January 30th 2012 - The Sciblogs Podcast

Aimee Whitcroft Jan 31, 2012

Greetings, podcast audience of ours! This week’s podcast was supposed to be slightly shorter than usual, but then Elf and aimee got into a Discussion or two. There may have been some slight ranting 🙂 We cover the human brain connectome (peeeerdy), awesome urchin-like nanospheres, a NZ critter app, the world’s first iridescent mammal, a medical/bioinformative challenge, science … Read More