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Myths about psychosis affect employment - News

Jean Balchin Jul 10, 2017

The public’s preconceptions about psychosis makes it rather difficult for those living with the condition to gain employment and achieve their goals, a new Australian study finds. The study, published today in the Australian Journal of Psychology set out to examine the barriers there were to employment for people with psychosis. What is Psychosis? … Read More

Gender stereotyping and physics - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Nov 20, 2015

The Institute of Physics (IOP) has recently released “Opening Doors: A guide to good practice in countering gender stereotyping in schools” (You can access the report here and read some commentary at a recent IOP conference here.) Although funded jointly by the Government Equalities Office (now I’m sure such a thing didn’t exist when I lived … Read More

Why stereotyping scientists matters - Infectious Thoughts

Siouxsie Wiles Apr 27, 2013

I’m always interested to find out what people think I do for a living. No one has ever said scientist. It’s usually something in the arts or fashion*. You know, creative industries. I’m guessing it’s because of my hair. What is interesting about this though is that somehow people don’t think of science as being creative. Such misperceptions are largely … Read More

Science is a Girl Thing! ? - Molecular Matters

Michael Edmonds Jun 24, 2012

The European Union has funded a campaign to get more women involved in science. The general consensus on the blogosphere is that it has completely missed the mark and patronising, not only for women, but also for science. Check it out yourself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g032MPrSjFA Maybe the advertising team involved are so used to dealing with superficial and visual images they … Read More

What do scientists look like?, redux - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Feb 09, 2012

A few days ago Siouxsie Wiles directed her readers to a website illustrating what scientists look like through hosting photographs supplied by scientists of themselves. If you haven’t already, check it out. That website reminded me of another website showing the results of a project where children drew and wrote what they thought scientists … Read More