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Endace spat reveals classic sell-out tensions - Griffin's Gadgets

Peter Griffin Dec 07, 2012

So another one of our high-flying Kiwi tech firms is about to be gobbled up by off-shore investors. News broke this morning that Endace, the successful security and networking company founded by businessman Selwyn Pellet and listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market, has been approached by “California networking solutions firm Emulex with a cash takeover … Read More

The Great NZ Science Project begins! - Infectious Thoughts

Siouxsie Wiles Nov 11, 2012

Today sees the launch of the ‘Great NZ Science Project’, a TV and web campaign that is part of the NZ government’s new $60 million National Science Challenges initiative announced earlier this year. Says Minister for Science & Innovation Steven Joyce: “We are keen for the public and the science community to tell us what they … Read More

Officiating our way to an ATI totally the wrong policy - Stick

Peter Kerr Nov 08, 2012

Now everyone wants to see the Advanced Technology Institute set up and thriving. This ranges from the ATI’s establishment board, to science minister Steven Joyce, to (about to be reformed) IRL, to the CRI and university scientists and commercialisers, to … Continue reading → … Read More

Congratulations awardees – shame on the system - Kidney Punch

John Pickering Oct 25, 2012

At 1am this morning (has someone something to hide?) the recipients of Marsden grants were announced. Congratulations to them all. $54.6 million was distributed over 86 research projects.  Marsden funds “blue skies” research across a number of disciplines – humanities, science, technology etc. The list of topics reflect the diversity.  I think that they are … Continue reading » … Read More

The Patents Bill: Please leave it alone until the super ministry is sorted - Stick

Peter Kerr Mar 16, 2012

Guest blog by Doug Calhoun The new Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, which will combine Economic Development, Science and Innovation, Labour, and Building and Housing, attracted the usual headlines about job losses and efficiency dividends: (see here). But beyond … Continue reading → … Read More

Give us something simple Steven, and also create an S&I council - Stick

Peter Kerr Mar 13, 2012

As one who cut his business teeth in commercial radio, super-minister Steven Joyce will know better than most about the importance of appealing to peoples’ hearts and minds. Now, Mr Joyce may be formulating a super science and innovation plan … Continue reading → … Read More

Minister wants all options open - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Feb 12, 2012

The Minister for Economic Development Steven Joyce had a curious op-ed in the Herald earlier this week. It was aimed at those pesky people who obstruct progress when government tries to remove roadblocks in the way of business development. And that’s when the problems start to arrive. The people who say “we want jobs” but [...] … Read More

The wrong road to take - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Jan 19, 2012

It’s difficult not to become repetitive when blogging about climate change. The basic science is well-established. The dangers global warming poses to human society are clear and in some places present. The solutions lie with drastically cutting the level of greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to changes already unavoidable.  The mitigation solution in particular continues [...] … Read More

Labour lobs science and innovation agenda at National — watch out Steven Joyce! - Stick

Peter Kerr Dec 22, 2011

Among the (little) talk of Labour’s shadow cabinet line-up, one small fact’s escaped general notice. New Opposition leader David Shearer has retained the Science & Innovation portfolio. Excellent. This is the first time since the 1930s that either the Prime … Continue reading → … Read More

Driven to Drink - MacDoctor

Jim McVeagh Sep 22, 2010

I see the Herald seeks to stoke the hysterical debate on the legal limit of blood alcohol. I have noticed that these OIA requests come in really handy for revisiting a story a couple of months after it is dead. Of course, it really is too much effort to find some actual news, instead of [...] Related posts: … Read More