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A trial with zero percent success proves trap’s worth - Stick

Peter Kerr Mar 18, 2014

 Any business that gets itself into a financial position to employ others is, by default, doing OK. If that operation starts with a completely new product, to survive long enough to (at least) thrive, is even better. So it is … Continue reading → … Read More

Plenty of traps along the way for pest eradicators - Stick

Peter Kerr Oct 29, 2013

No one ever said that creating and perfecting a resetting, toxin free pest trap was going to be easy. The guys at Goodnature would be the first to agree, but, 12,000 or so sold traps later, the Wellington company that … Continue reading → … Read More

A cracker trap minds its own business - Stick

Peter Kerr Feb 02, 2012

The guys at goodnature have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars making and perfecting their resetting and toxin free pest trap since establishing in 2005. Sure, they’ve received half a million dollars from DOC’s innovation fund, and a bit of … Continue reading → … Read More