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Student evaluations of teaching effectiveness tell us nothing about teaching effectiveness - Physics Stop

Marcus Wilson Aug 12, 2019

I thank my colleague Chris Lusk for bringing this paper by Uttl, White and Gonzalez to my attention. Many universities and polytechnics acquire Student Evaluation data on courses and teacher quality at the end of a course. There are different ways this can be done – here at The University of Waikato students are asked (online) a series of questions … Read More

Robotics Championships: NZ named world champions - News

Erica Mather Apr 29, 2016

New Zealand competed at the VEX Robotics World Championships held in Louisville last week and are world champions for the eighth year running. The VEX Worlds provides the opportunity for the hard work and dedication of a growing community of robotics teams to be recognised.  The competition requires students in small teams, with guidance from their teachers, to design and … Read More

Readying yourself for the exam: cram, nude rugby or what? - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jun 21, 2010

What do (did) you do in the last hours before an exam? [caption id="attachment_2680" align="alignleft" width="317"] Mock brawl in Nude Blacks v. Welsh Leeks French (?) match. (Source: Flickr.com)[/caption] Rugby is regarded as the national sport of New Zealand. My own interest is currently more with the football, where New Zealand drew 1:1 against … Read More

University of Otago to limit entrants – your thoughts - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Jun 09, 2010

(Source: Wikimedia Commons.) Today’s Otago Daily Times runs with a feature story that the University of Otago is to limit enrolments to first year courses in a two-tier fashion next year. Some might recall this is the opposite of a previous decision by the University Council that there will be no limitations on first-year enrolments at … Read More