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NZ behind on paid parental leave – Suffrage 125 - Suffrage 125

Guest Author Sep 19, 2018

Dr Frederique Vanholsbeeck What’s more important the right to vote or paid parental leave? I would argue that we need both to achieve equality and that New Zealand is miles behind in term of “properly” paid parental leave. I came to New Zealand from Belgium in 2003 after choosing carefully a country where I would live and learn to speak … Read More

To all Women in Science, thank you for kicking science’s arse! – Suffrage 125 - Suffrage 125

Guest Author Sep 19, 2018

Dr Melanie Cheung I’ve been reflecting on the powerful articles celebrating women that I have read this week. Today is the 125th anniversary of women getting the vote in Aotearoa, and it feels like we have come a long way since then.  Dr Melanie Cheung, supplied. Any women working in a male-dominated field also realise that we still have … Read More

We have always sailed – Suffrage 125 - Suffrage 125

Guest Author Sep 17, 2018

Dr Lucy Stewart As writer Kameron Hurley once said regarding women in the military, “We have always fought” – women have always been involved in field research, including at sea. Aotearoa was named by Kuramārōtini, a woman on a long ocean voyage. Early research expeditions by Europeans relied heavily on indigenous women such as Sacagawea … Read More