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John Key should play the one card he has up his sleeve ……Minister of Innovation and Science - Stick

Peter Kerr Mar 11, 2011

If you were John Key playing cards, you’d have to feel you’re holding onto a pretty crap hand at the moment. The economy’s not that great, the earthquake’s timing’s really bad, and we’re having to borrow a fair bit of … Continue reading → … Read More

NZ bioenergy is currently too much like an ‘enthusiasts club’ - Stick

Peter Kerr Mar 03, 2011

The public’s not hearing about the bioenergy market, it’s rare to see commercialisation thinking around it and the sector’s more like an enthusiasts club. In opening a mini conference in Wellington about how to implement the Bioenergy Association’s strategy (see … Continue reading → … Read More

Believing Cassandra - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Dec 20, 2010

The gift of foresight given to Cassandra was nullified by the accompanying curse that no one would believe her. Her warnings were ignored and ancient Troy fell. It’s a haunting myth which Alan Atkisson harnesses in his book Believing Cassandra: How to be an Optimist in a Pessimist’s World. If we believe Cassandra and take [...] … Read More

The Environmental Politics of Sacrifice - Hot Topic

Bryan Walker Sep 06, 2010

Addressing climate change will require citizens of wealthy consumer societies to sacrifice. But that’s never going to happen. We’ve all heard statements like that, indeed we’ve probably muttered them to ourselves. Michael Maniates and John Meyer place the words at the beginning of their book The Environmental Politics of Sacrifice. They and their ten fellow-contributors [...] … Read More

Overheard in Christchurch - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 31, 2010

Not quite New York, but much more on topic. Nicky Wagner, National list member and Christchurch resident, suggested during question time following the ‘Blue Gold’ screening last Thursday that perhaps Canterbury should think about restricting the number of cows it houses. She also suggested that part of the delay in ECan’s consenting was due to the complexity of … Read More

Battle of the bottle - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 26, 2010

Not the beer bottle, but the water bottle. There’s a water war going on, and one battle took place this week. The first volley came on Monday, World Water Day, by the Story of Stuff Story Team: The International Bottled Water Association returned fire with a montage of staged interviews: See Green Inc. for on-the-battle-field coverage. Read More

Hopeful World Water Day! - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 22, 2010

World Water Day isn’t really an occasion for celebrating. Nor is it really a sombre occasion to remember past sacrifices. It’s an opportunity to highlight a problem and work towards a solution, lest we become complacent. This year’s focus is on water quality. From the UN: “According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 4 billion cases of diarrhea each … Read More