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Improving on-farm water management: Lessons from California - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 17, 2010

The Pacific Institute, based on Oakland, CA, has recently released a report describing seven case studies of how farmers in CA have improved water management. They illustrate… “…diverse strategies for innovative water planning, use of technology, institutional management, economic incentives, and environmental protection and restoration.” And they serve as lessons for other farmers in CA, but also in other … Read More

System to monitor grape vine water status wins water start-up prize - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 09, 2010

Fruition Sciences, based in the US and France, has won the top prize in Imagine H2O‘s competition “to help innovators and entrepreneurs turn great ideas into real-world solutions that ensure available clean water and sanitation.” Fruition showed particular business potential by making significant water savings for nine California grape growers. “Fruition co-founder Sebastien Payen said he saw … Read More

Artists and politicians gather to save Canterbury’s water - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Dec 14, 2009

Canterbury’s water management needs a serious overhaul, according to artists and activists who gathered for an art exhibition at Christchurch’s COCA on Saturday. The exhibition featured works by 12 artists brought together by local artists Sally Hope and Jane Zusters for the second annual Artists for Save Our Water project. The focus this year was on … Read More

Trickle down carbon sequestration - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Nov 20, 2009

Nick Smith has suggested to farmers that they start offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions by planting trees. A risk with this is that planting trees may compromise water supply. Compared with pasture, trees tend to reduce the amount of rainfall that reaches rivers and aquifers. A larger canopy traps more rain as it falls, so it evaporates directly from … Read More