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Environment NZ’s weak point for UN goals - News

John Kerr Jul 22, 2016

New Zealand gets a few ‘Fs’ in a new report card examining how we are doing on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. In September last year New Zealand, along with 192 other countries, signed up to the goals, which described by the UN as “a bold and ambitious global plan to end poverty, address inequalities and tackle climate change.” There are … Read More

Eco-friendly vs appropriate technology - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Jul 14, 2010

The BBC has a nice photo essay on the up-take of a low-tech irrigation device – a treadle pump. The BBC, perhaps echoing IDEI, is calling it “eco-friendly”. But it’s not. There’s nothing environmentally friendly about pumping out more water from an aquifer than is recharged. Even pumping less than the recharge rate can be problematic for groundwater-dependent … Read More

Celebrating Ohl Day - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 27, 2010

Move over Earth Hour. Get a life Edison Hour. Today is Ohl Day. Sure, Earth Hour shed some light on the consequences of mindless resource use and the benefits of behavioural change in a finite world. But replacing light bulbs with candles is not entirely climate-friendly. It’s not the electricity that’s the problem, or the lumens, it’s how … Read More

Hopeful World Water Day! - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 22, 2010

World Water Day isn’t really an occasion for celebrating. Nor is it really a sombre occasion to remember past sacrifices. It’s an opportunity to highlight a problem and work towards a solution, lest we become complacent. This year’s focus is on water quality. From the UN: “According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 4 billion cases of diarrhea each … Read More

Tumultuous week on NZ’s water front - Crikey Creek

Daniel Collins Mar 19, 2010

When it rains, it pours. A lot happened in the last two days on New Zealand’s water front. For those on a blogging diet, here’s a fat-free summary. More to follow later. A report on voluntary efforts to improve on-farm water management shows these efforts continue to fail, and in some ways getting worse. Agriculture Minister David Carter: … Read More