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Sunday reading links: More on Ida, YouTube captions (again), newspaper horders, books on the iPad, swine flu - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Mar 07, 2010

Sunday reading picks from the science blogosphere and in the media. (This may be lazy of me, but it’ll keep you busy!) ’Paul Revere’–not a real name–at Effect Measure has presented a graph from CDC data showing childhood deaths to H1N1 (aka ’swine flu’) over the past … Read More

Needle Point - MacDoctor

Jim McVeagh Oct 25, 2009

Obama has declared the Swine Flu epidemic in the US a national emergency. Swine Flu has been a public health emergency since April of this year, but making it a national emergency provides people like Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius quite sweeping powers to bypass most federal rules. I am a little curious as [...] … Read More

Stable Swine - MacDoctor

Jim McVeagh Oct 03, 2009

Centre for Disease Control in the US has announced that the H1N1 virus’ genetic makeup now “appears to be stable”. The cynical side of the MacDoctor finds the juxtaposition of this pronouncement on the back of the FDA announcing their approval of the first Swine flu vaccine just a little too convenient. Especially when the [...] … Read More

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