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#SciFoo lightning talk [Reloaded] — Part 3 - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Aug 25, 2010

(Slides 6,7) I have always been fascinated by the series of studies in electrophysiology that led to our current understanding of how electrical signalling takes place in neurons. And no collection of classical electrophysiology is complete without the 1952 article by AL Hodgkin and AF Huxley on the sodium and potassium currents in the giant [...] … Read More

#SciFoo lightning talk [reloaded] — Part 2 - Building blogs of Science

Fabiana Kubke Aug 17, 2010

(Slides 3,4,5) One of the articles we read in my biophysics class was a 1942 article by Curtis and Cole. At the time, those working on the electrical properties of neurons were in agreement that during the action potential the membrane did not simply ‘depolarize’ (i.e., lost its electrical polarization) but that it rather reverted [...] … Read More