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Science Tank | Supervolcanoes - Guest Work

Guest Author Dec 15, 2017

It was 75,000 years ago, and all was peaceful in the Sumatran jungle – birds were chirping and swishing through sunlight-dappled tree canopies, while insects chirruped busily on the jungle floor. Suddenly, a sonic boom pierced the air; rumbling shook the earth. All living things fell dead instantly as the supervolcano Mount Toba started erupting, unleashing forth a, conservatively low, … Read More

Kids Greening Taupō: A Step Towards Transformation - Curious and Curiouser

Victoria Metcalf Mar 02, 2016

In this guest post by Thea DePetris, a Masters student at the University of Waikato, she outlines why the world’s wicked problems demand a transformation of our teaching systems and showcases one example, the Kids Greening Taupō community restoration education programme. The issues of the modern world aren’t getting any simpler as ‘wicked’ problems pervade our societal structure and environment. In response, educational … Read More