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The cheap supercomputer - Kagaku

Motoko Kakubayashi Nov 29, 2009

Using parts sold at your local electronics store to make a supercomputer?  Sounds like something MacGyver would do. But at last week’s Supercomputing Conference in Oregon, USA, a Gordon Bell Prize was awarded to a team of researchers who did just that. Nagasaki University associate professor Tsuyoshi Hamada and his team spent a mere NZ$600,000 to develop their supercomputer made … Read More

How to save the world and earn money - Kagaku

Motoko Kakubayashi Nov 25, 2009

Buying electricity generated from home solar panels could be a way to get people involved in saving the environment. This month, Japanese electricity companies began buying electricity from people whose home solar panels generated more than enough juice. Families receive 48 yen (75 cents) for every 1 kilowatt of electricity, creating a new income source. Solar panels alone are … Read More

The search engine that fights crime - Kagaku

Motoko Kakubayashi Nov 16, 2009

Taking it to the next level A search engine programmed to look at your clothes will cut the hours you would spend staring at security camera footage to find that thief who stole your bag. Japanese IT company NEC have developed a search engine which looks for individuals in video footage based on the colour of their clothes. If say, … Read More

Wearable computers - Kagaku

Motoko Kakubayashi Nov 13, 2009

Chatting to someone in Russian, reading a book in German, or just being able to understand those Japanese car instructions are now possible after IT company NEC have developed the world’s first computer glasses. Wearing computer glasses Tele Scouter is made up of a compact microphone, camera, and ear phone which fit around the wearer’s glasses.  These are connected to … Read More

Chic mobiles - Kagaku

Motoko Kakubayashi Nov 13, 2009

First there was choosing colours, then ringtones, and now it is possible to individualise your mobile by smell. A new range of mobile phones that allows individuals to spray their favourite perfume onto a special chip embedded in the mobile has been unveiled by Japanese computer hardware and IT services company Fujitsu yesterday. The fragrance mobile comes with a … Read More