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Monday Micro – Glowing Superbugs at TEDxChristchurch - Infectious Thoughts

Siouxsie Wiles May 18, 2015

Last November I talked about my research at TEDxChristchurch. It was my first experience of a TEDx event and I was blown away by how amazing and inspirational the day was. It was very humbling to have been given the opportunity to enthuse about bioluminescence and bacteria. Here’s the video of my talk, also featuring glowing caterpillars and … Read More

Why scientists need to step up & engage! - Infectious Thoughts

Siouxsie Wiles Feb 08, 2015

A few days ago, the UK parliament voted in favour of making Britain the first country in the world to permit IVF babies to be created using biological material from three different people. The vote passed by 382 to 128 – a majority of 254 – and is to amend the UK’s 2008 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act … Read More

The answer lies in the soil (you have to have a sense of humus) - Hot Topic

Gareth Renowden May 31, 2013

Ssomething a little different: soil expert Graham Sait talks about the importance of soil humus and its potential as a way to mitigate climate change at the recent TEDx in Noosa, Queensland. I’m not going to vouch for all his numbers, but as he devotes time to mycorrhizae he’s OK with this truffle grower… … Read More

Help TED.com editor tackle TEDx pseudoscience - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Dec 04, 2012

Earlier today I received this comment from TED.com editor Emily McMagnus: Just dropping a note here, because this has been such a wonderful thread and community, to say: SIGH! Have you seen the latest outcropping of woo on TEDx? http://daurmith.tumblr.com/post/37026658753/an-angry-letter-after-tedxvalenciawomen It’s not possible for anyone to be more upset about this … Read More

On vetting TED(x) events – a suggestion - Code for life

Grant Jacobs Sep 20, 2012

In an earlier article, Do TED lectures need better vetting?, I pointed to recurring ‘slips’ in TED(x) events where unsound material were being presented and asked if better vetting of speakers and their material might be needed, especially for the independent local/regional TEDx events. TED editor Emily McMagnus joined the discussion and invited suggestions. I’ve … Read More